European Initiative – Liberal Academy Tbilisi

The Liberal Academy Tbilisi Foundation was established in December 2006 as a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting liberal democratic values, peace and Euro-Atlantic integration in Georgia and the South Caucasus as a whole.

“European Initiative – Liberal Academy Tbilisi” is an analytical program, established on the basis of the organization in January 2010 and conducts research and analysis to facilitate, first, Georgia, and later – the European future of the region as a whole and contribute to independent expertise. In the direction of policy-making.

“European Initiative – Liberal Academy Tbilisi” examines issues related to the ongoing processes in the EU, bilateral and multilateral formats of cooperation between Georgia and the region. The main goal is, on the one hand, better awareness and involvement of various target groups and the general public in Georgia / region in the European integration processes; On the other hand, political, expert, media or academic stakeholders and individuals interested in Brussels and other European capitals should be better informed about the ongoing processes in Georgia and the region, in order to encourage their support for European aspirations. Therefore, the European Initiative – Liberal Academy Tbilisi examines issues that are not directly related to the current EU-Georgia cooperation agenda, but respond to the most important political, social, and economic challenges for the country in order to promote broad public debate on these topics.