The Liberal Academy has completed a report on Simplified Visa Procedures and Readmission of Illegal Migrants: Visa Facilitation and Readmission: Perspectives on Visa-Free Travel. The project was funded by the Open Society Georgia Foundation. The report assesses the visa facilitation procedures and readmission agreements between Georgia and the European Union, and discusses the achievements and challenges in the one year since 1 March 2011. The report includes several findings, analysis and practical information related to these two agreements, the results and their significance in the long run. It thus sheds light on several different issues that are important for the further progress of the country in terms of both mobility and visa liberalization.

The report also provides an overview of migration trends, routes of illegal labor migration, the dynamics of remittances, detailed visa statistics for Georgia and the region, an overview of the current situation at consulates of EU countries and other practical information.

The report also cites similar experiences in other countries, especially in Ukraine and Moldova, which will help Georgia develop a visa-free travel perspective with the EU.