On March 30, using the online platform Zoom, a meeting was held with representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, where the results of the survey “Attitudes of Ethnic Azerbaijani and Georgian Population in Kvemo Kartli” were presented by Liberal Academy Tbilisi (EI-LAT) director Lasha Tughushi and its analytical staff. The survey had been carried out as a part of the project “Increasing Resistance of Society against Populism, Far-Right Radicalism and anti-Western Propaganda”, which was funded by the Embassy of Netherlands.

After approximately one hour of presentation of the research results, the meeting continued in a discussion mode.

The presentation was attended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia:

Ekaterine Dgebuadze – First Deputy Minister

Tamar Kitiashvili – Deputy Minister

Nunu Mitskevich – Deputy Minister

As well as heads of various departments.